Project Description

Michelada Preparada

Served in a frozen mug with hot sauce drizzle. The easiest and maybe coolest way to serve a michelada is to place all of the ingredients, minus the beer, into a frozen glass and serve it with the beer on the side.


1 each Lemon and Lime Wedge

1 teaspoon Chile Lime Salt, like Tajin

3 ounces Chilled Michelada Love

12 oz. Cold Beer in bottle

1 teaspoon each Hot Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce

Rub lime wedge around the rim of a 16 ounce frozen glass to moisten. Dip the glass rim into the chile lime salt until it sticks to the glass. Drizzle hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce down the inside of the frozen glass. The sauces will immediately freeze to the glass in a decorative pattern. Pour michelada mix into glass. Squeeze lemon into mix and toss into the glass. Place the lime wedge on the rim of the glass. Place a straw into the glass and serve. Serve cold bottle of beer on the side.