Project Description

Michelada Grande with Ice in 24 Ounce Glass

Many people like ice in their Michelada and many people don’t! Ice makes the drink more like a cocktail and is totally delicious! When adding ice to a michelada you need to add more michelada mix and in this recipe more hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce.


A 24 ounce mug, chilled or frozen

1 each Lemon and Lime Wedge

1 teaspoon Chile Lime Salt, like Tajin

4 ounces Chilled Michelada Love

12 oz. Cold Beer, bottle or tap

1 Cup Crushed Ice, may not need all

1 teaspoon each Hot Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce (optional)

Rub lime wedge around the rim of a chilled pint glass to moisten. Dip the glass rim into the chile lime salt until it sticks to the glass. Squeeze lemon and lime into glass or leave wedges on the rim. Gently pour beer into the glass. Pour michelada mix into glass. Add ice to glass. Drizzle hot sauce and Worcestershire over the ice. Gently stir a couple of times with a straw and serve.