Project Description

Fire Bombs (Molotov Micheladas)

These cute little bottles are irresistible and sell themselves. So easy to
make and fun to drink!


6 Cold Beers, long necks are best, bottles rinsed off
6 Straws
1 each Lemon and Lime
1 Tablespoon Chile Lime Salt, like Tajin
18 ounces Chilled Michelada Love
1 Tablespoon Hot Sauce

Cut lime into 6 wedges.
Cut lemon in half and squeeze out the juice
Place lemon juice, michelada mix and hot sauce into a plastic squeeze
Rub lime on neck of beer and sprinkle with chile lime salt before opening.
Take 2 good sips of beer, making room for the mix.
Shake ingredients in squeeze bottle and squeeze 3 ounces into theĀ beer.
Place lime wedge and straw into beer and serve.
*Plastic squeeze bottles are used in restaurants and were originally created
for ketchup and mustard.